Our Pre-payment Auditing Solution results in at least 30% more savings to you

Greater access to medical records results in the ability to perform at least 30% more audits:

Overcoming Auditing and Recovery Obstacles

  • Our uniquely designed process effectively avoids provider resistance strategies
  • You pay the correctly coded priced DRG from the outset with no need for recovery or retrospective offset

Facts about our ‘Pre-Pay’ Program;

  • Compliant with claims processing timelines: One day turnaround for identification of clean vs unclean claims
  • One-click technology enables instant identification of claims requiring DRG validation audits, within one business day for ANY volume of claims
  • Reduces turnaround time by an average 50%, often in 30 days or less
  • Significantly reduces provider deterrents to providing medical records
  • Significantly reduces provider resistance to responding to audit findings
  • Virtually eliminates overpayments, post-payment refund requests / offsets and claim adjustments
  • Ensures ability to audit out-of-network claims